My Bed Number (MBN) is not your typical mattress selector App, it's a unique business support tool with integrity that vastly improves on traditional methods and practices of selling beds. It distinguishes you from the competition on a cost effective basis. 

If you desire the following for your bed business then My Bed Number is most definitely for you:

  • Gain competitive advantage through technology.
  • Happy customers.
  • Increased sales.
  • Minimising comebacks and product returns.
  • Satisfied employees.
My Bed Number is a one of a kind, interactive, practical and easy to use computer software program, ideal for large bed & mattress groups, chain stores, franchise groups and owner operated stores. My Bed Number caters for the global bedding market. Truly a unique software application to help customers select and purchase the right mattress or bed set. It has major benefits for the retailer & customer and obviously also for the manufacturer. It, i.e. positively stimulates the sales process and notably reduces product comebacks & returns (due to, i.e. incorrect customer selections and/or sales consultant recommendations). It matches the customer with the right bed.

The App. in its different versions can be used on WAN, LAN and stand alone desktops, laptops & tablets.

My Bed Number App. gives bedding companies a competitive edge in the market. It offers the opportunity to stimulate sales and increase revenue substantially. P.S. The value of personalisation and the role disruptive technology plays in a modern sales & marketing age is huge!, precisely what My Bed Number offers.

My Bed Number has been developed by a team with in-depth experience and knowledge of the bedding industry. "It is such a fantastic tool that we've decided to share the success and make it accessible to the global bedding industry, at a very affordable price."


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